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Exdeath knew he was defeated. Bartz's crystal had mastered his job class, allowing him to use the Goblin Punch, among other things. If the crystal hadn't done that he could have won. Now he saw the warriors approaching. He knew they were not afraid of him, drained as he was. But that would prove to be their undoing. He laughed as he summoned a rift in the Void. The summoning may destroy him, but he wold be together with the Void.
The Warrior of Light slowly led the group heading toward Exdeath. It seemed safe to say that they had beaten Exdeath, but one could never underestimate one of Chaos's warriors. His fears were justified when the tree opened up a gateway to the Void, threatening to engulf the party.  The warrior stepped back, his comrades already heading to the edge of the castle. But instead of engulfing them, the Void spat out something, which fell on Exdeath. Weakened so much by the summoning, Exdeath faded away.
The thing the void spat out was a man. He was roughly
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dissidia fortress opening
Dissidia Fortress
(The Rift stage is seen in its normal form, the only thing out of the ordinary is a bush in front of the main door. After a minute of peaceful music a blue goblin pokes his head out)
Blue goblin: Attack!
(A red goblin pokes his head out of the same bush facing the other way)
Red goblin: Counterattack!
(The red goblin runs to the left, while the blue goblin runs to the right. A bugle plays. More goblins pour out following their respective leader. They pour over the edge and fall into the abyss. In a command room Cosmos is sitting in a chair holding her head in a tired way. Chaos is seen in the background stomping out the door with a displeased look on his face.)
(Scenery changes to World B map. The lower half is blue and the upper half is red. Cid's voice is heard.)
Cid: After the last cycle, (scene of Cosmos being incinerated by Chaos, then Chaos burning up at his throne) Shinryu was not pleased.
(Scene changes to an office. Shinryu is at a desk wearing a busi
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The 13th day of Christmas
The 13th day of Christmas
On the 13th day of Christmas I gave my true love.
13 Broken ribs
12 Hospital bills
11 Compound fractures
10 Broken fingers
9 Torn ligaments
8 Swelling bruises
7 Scorch marks
6 Open wounds
5 Reasons why his gifts suck
4 Broken limbs
3 Concussions
2 Black eyes
1 List of things I want next year
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tg war attack
TG war first attack
mjlaub sat at a desk in the  red base, recording a few results from the latest experiments. Hopefully this time he wouldn't be attacked from behind during one of them. Being TGed wasn't bad, but getting drilled through the stomach was annoying. At least he got the coat fixed.
However, fixing the coat drained his wallet. It isn't easy to get an interdimensional storage cloak fixed, especially with the meager resources his original gave him. He was also getting tired of being basically alone in the red base, since most were off doing something. Yes, it was about time to attack someone. And he knew just who to attack.
At the white base, Lance was checking his mail. Bill, bill, junk, bill, aha! a letter requesting a duel from mjlaub. Wait a minute, who the heck is mjlaub. Lance asked around and only found a few stories. Still, he couldn't pass up a chance to win the duel.  
1 mile south of white base, Lance walked up to a shaded girl with a trench co
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tg war prelude
2nd TG War prelude
TV Pro was not very happy at the moment. Guards from the Red Dawn were chasing him throughout the streets of DA city. All because he made the simple mistake of going to the Red base when he should have went to the BLUE base. But that is an easy mistake to make, especially when the leaders of each team wear the opposite color.
However, TV could not run forever. He was out of breath, low on power, and had just ran into a dead end alleyway. The troops, still being cautious, slowly moved toward him, watching every movement. TV slowly slumped down, preparing for one final attack.
It's funny how people never look up. If they did, they might have seen the man in a trench coat and sunglasses, standing on top of the brick wall that TV was using for support. Not that it would have done them any good.
The guards were surprised when they heard a gunshot, looking at the man, when they should have been looking behind themselves. For the man had just fired at a propane tank.
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my iceberg base :iconmjlaub:mjlaub 0 0 Genesis title page :iconmjlaub:mjlaub 0 0 Ugovaria crew wins lottory :iconmjlaub:mjlaub 2 2
TG War Intro
Cthulian eyes…
Products of a world gone mad, they are at the theoretical top of the magic food chain…
At their most basic description, they are simply one's eyes pumped to the brim with insanity...
But they are much more…
They can cause any person that even glimpses them to fall into insanity…
They can fire beams that warp the fabric of time, space and reality…
They can constantly download data on everything…
They unlock all the dormant powers a person can possibly use…
They give their bearers a pseudo immortality, only being able to be killed by another bearer…
Even, rarely, glimpse the future…
Only downside is the rare burst of madness now and then…
Due to their very nature, it was thought impossibly to make them in any way other than the natural, random way…
Well, there is a first for everything.
About 6 months ago I heard of the second TG War. Due to my interest in the first TG War, I decided that it would be fun to join. Unfor
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TG War ID :iconmjlaub:mjlaub 3 3
Report: ssbguy
Name: ssbguy
Findings:  ssbguy (AKA Mike) is the leader of Team Smash, and is the second leader of the Soulshard Catillion. Findings on Team Smash are inconclusive, but they seem to be strong. Ssbguy mainly uses an energy beam sword to attack. Ssbguy at first was a Conscientious Objector to the TG War, but became a freelancer after I-rugburn sent him a TG pie.  He then became a freelancer and attacked the Cattilion, unfortunately reversing an attack made by the federation earlier.  He then gets hired to fix it. He later joins the Catillion. He later is caught up in the fight between Leila and Quarma.  Afterwards he attacks Pana and starts the rose brigade. For the rest of the war he keeps a low profile. He does not seem to be returning for the second TG War causing mild panic.
Allies: the whole of team smash
Danger level: medium-high. Ssbguy is tough, but can be defeated after a while, his beam sword has transformative properties
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Report: Quarma
Name: Quarma Kaietsu, Frost
Findings:  The first Leader of the Soulshard Catillion, Quarma is a dangerous foe and a great ally. He seems to use a variety of weapons, mainly TG related. He also appears to be a competent Pokémon trainer, and can use Ice and shadow magic. He somehow started the TG war, due to a spelling error. During the TG war, he was briefly turned into an insectoid robot to fight Vorhias, due to a prayer to Boomerang Kuwanger. It is still unknown if he is able to use these powers, as it was lost in a vicious battle with Leila Stoat.  He also started the fun game of Vorhias ball, which isn't practiced much anymore.  After having a bit of a duel with Leila due to her invention of female to male transformation ray, he became the referee of the war, leaving the leadership position to Ssbguy.  He later gave the position to Demon and stayed on the sidelines for the rest of the war, appearing only once to get Croc. During that time
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Genesis 2 :iconmjlaub:mjlaub 0 0 Devious Journey :iconmjlaub:mjlaub 0 9 Genesis 1 :iconmjlaub:mjlaub 0 0 Liam Nielson :iconmjlaub:mjlaub 0 0

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Mature content
Like Clockwork :iconzeroforever:ZeroForever 224 23
Mature content
Sister Sins: Guard who cried Bimbo 05 :iconzeroforever:ZeroForever 476 27
DK Horned Reaper Gyzibal - Before and After :iconzeroforever:ZeroForever 148 33 Dungeon Keeper Jimmy - Before and After :iconzeroforever:ZeroForever 126 32 [19GoldLoL] The Worst Punishment 2 :iconnestkeeper:Nestkeeper 584 62
Duel of Fates: Sports Edition! (Part 2)

It was hardly ten minutes before the "duel" was over. And by "duel", I mean the event of Georgia continually hitting balls over to David as he hilariously flailed around. Even though I really wouldn't have cared who would have won in the end as long the duel was completed, I'm always willing to admit when I find an outcome to be particularly amusing. The only thing funnier than the actual game was the boy's reaction to it all. Normally, my defeated clients usually cower in fear of their impending transformation. This time, however, he seemed more angry at his loss to his competitor rather than his inevitable alteration.
"You fucking cheated, admit it!" David yelled at the girl like a little child with a bad mouth. Guess he might as well use it while he still has the ability to curse. "You kept on flirting with me the entire game!"
"Flirting?" Georgia asked, trying to look offended, but obviously in too good a mood to actually be angry at the guy. "W
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Thanks for the Lesson!
"Well, this blows," Harold huffed to his friend, Kevin. The two teenagers were put in charge of the school bake sale for their school on Thanksgiving Day. Why were they working for their schools over the holidays, you may ask? Detention, that's why. So now, they just stood out in the local park (where nobody was) trying to sell some various pies, pumpkins, and corn (which nobody wanted). Since nobody was doing anything anywhere, the two boys were left to their own devices. Specifically, their phones, which they used to watch funny internet videos the entire time, simply having to remain at the table with all of the goods. They continued doing so until about the fifth video, a strange turkey walked up to the boys and seemed to glare at them. The boys found this strange creature to be a little unnerving and ended up staring at it for several minutes. The silence was only broken once the bird decided to finally speak.
"Would you no good little Millennial punks look away from your God-fors
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Careful With Those Vials! (Part 2)
“Okay, we just need to retrace our steps, right?” Cole asked as she nervously paced back and forth in his living room, trying her best to ignore the overall weirdness of her new body and the draft she felt with her clothing (or near lack of such). “This couldn’t just have happened for no reason at all. Something must have caused this. Something…”
Zane, on the other hand, simply stared at the floor in silence, sitting on the couch while covered by a blanket. She had barely said a word after what had occurred to them several minutes ago, her thoughts still racing over the gravity of the situation. She wasn’t even paying attention to her father’s words, instead preferring to keep herself huddled, clutching a pillow for comfort.
The father, if she could even be called that anymore, peered back at the curled up bunnygirl and gave a solemn sigh. Instead of even attempting to talk with her anymore, Cole just sighed before joining t
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Careful With Those Vials! (Part 1)
Young Shannon had a dream. Not a big dream, or anything; it was something slightly more mundane. She had always been fascinated by the prospect of cosplaying, conventions, and the like. However, their small little town apparently was never suited for such events, and still being but a teenager with little money, she couldn’t afford going to one either.
Thus, when the news spread that a small convention would be sponsored soon by a local club, Shannon was overjoyed to find out and jumped at the chance to live her short-term dreams. Seeing as this was her first convention, and probably the first convention for everyone in town, she decided she’d leave the best impression she could make of it.
The girl looked online at several stores, and guides, and forums, trying to look for ways to create the best, most appealing, and most importantly, affordable cosplay she could make. She had some of hesitation, being a bit self-conscious about her appearance, but decided it was a necessa
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Partners in Crime (Double TG AP/AR)

"Daddy, daddy!" Lewis yelled over to his father, Patrick, as he pressed his face against the window of a large red car. "This thing has the keys right in the ignition! All we gotta do is break the window and we got a hot new ride!"
Normally, this would be considered quite questionable behavior from a five year old boy like Lewis. However, he and his father hardly live what one would consider "normal" lives. The father and son duo were considered the Bad Boys of Brooklyn, a two-man mob that lived entirely off of whatever they could steal or just mug off of other people. They had no true home, having to constantly move from one safe-house to another in hopes of one day collecting enough loot to earn them a proper home. Today may not have been that day (despite a rather lucrative extortion of an old man earlier that morning), but gaining a hot new ride was still a pretty good deal. Patrick Thompson knew this well enough to immediately throw a slab of c
:icondancingspartan:DancingSpartan 126 8
Dare To Tiara

"Damn, what's taking them so long?!" Sean grumbled to himself while tapping his feet impatiently. He and his "best friend" Bill had come over to New Orleans on Spring Break, but unfortunately, he was a teetotaler, whereas his friend was not. So, here he was, simply pacing along the French Quarter as his "friend" got drunk off his ass. He didn't have much left to do but look at the various merchants. There wasn't anything partucularly special, though. Just the usual fine crafts, voodoo vendors, and alligator back-scratchers.
"Hey, kid!" a girl's voice suddenly called out, causing the man to turn around. The source of the voice happened to be that of a young girl's, probably only in her teens, in a rather noticeable getup. First of all, her hair was black with a couple of long, white streaks running down to her chest, all topped on by a black top hat surrounded by bones. Despite looking Caucasian, her face was painted over to resemble a sk
:icondancingspartan:DancingSpartan 73 14
Ichigo and the TG Questionnaire (Chizuru Edition)
Goddamn that Ichigo! It had already been two months since his (anti)climatic battle with Aizen and, much to Chizuru Honshō's chagrin, such time did little to diminish her precious Orihime's interest in the guy! Sure, he was awesome and could make stuff blow up with his hand, but, as far as Chizuru could understand, he was completely powerless now, because of something involving swords and evil Superman or whatever. There was no reason for Orihime to still be in love with Ichigo for being a super Shonen hero, yet she seemed more smitten with him than ever! It seemed as if poor, poor Chizuru was doomed to simply fade into the background of her own life...
The lunch bell rang all throughout Karakura High, allowing all of its inhabitants to begin scurrying about. Some stayed in the classrooms, while some hung out in the halls. Really, it didn't matter where any of the students went at this point, whether they go up to the roof to eat their
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[19GoldLoL] The Demonic Skins :iconnestkeeper:Nestkeeper 737 51 Candycane Girl :iconnestkeeper:Nestkeeper 454 15 League of Legends - Officer Vayne :iconnestkeeper:Nestkeeper 863 55 League of Legends - Soranna(?) :iconnestkeeper:Nestkeeper 620 62



I am going to start posting some things soon.
Also planning to revise my faves.


United States
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